Packages Of Services We Offer:

  • Financial Risk/Strength
  • Liens/Filings
  • EMR Ratings
  • Business Practices
  • Insurance Compliance
  • Licensing Compliance
  • Background Check/Screenings
  • Drug Testing
  • Contractors License Check
  • Business Entity Validation
  • OSHA Citation and Violation Search
  • Insurance Pre-Audit Reviews and Analysis
  • Safety Materials
  • Vendor Reference Checks
  • Business Verification from a previous Entity Name
  • State/Local County Compliant Checks
  • Suggestion of Permits needed for jobs from Local County/State Levels
  • Job Site Inspection
  • Record of Vendors Credentials of Experience

Property Loss Prevention:

  1. Property Risk advocacy to assist you in understanding the specific exposures during operation and from financial perspectives
  2. Risk planning and analysis assistance
  3. Proactive Insurer related concerns
  4. Development of full insurability recommendations while providing cost efficient solutions
  5. Verification of property data
  6. Business continuity planning

Casualty Loss Prevention:

  1. Product liability risk control consulting
  2. Customized training safety programs
  3. Motor vehicle programs
  4. Potential injury and exposure assessments and prevention solutions
  5. Construction Safety Program
  6. OSHA Consulting
  7. Workers compensation safety program and development
  8. Workers Compensation Experience Modification Review and Analysis

Subrogation Assistance:

  1. Workers Compensation
  2. Auto
  3. Property and Casualty
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Free Services we offer for a year when you are a client under our affiliated company Contractors Insurance Center

  1. We will contact your subcontractors every 6 months to make sure their policies are in effect
  2. We will maintain and house all signed copies of sub-contracted agreements and W-9 forms annually
  3. We will house all subcontractos copies of certificates of insurance and make sure all is in order leaving you no short falls.
  4. We will notify you immediately of subcontractors insurance lapses.
  5. We will review subcontractors insurer financial stability
  6. We will review subcontractors policy limits, endorsements, and exclusions assuring they are efficient for your company protection
  7. We will review and complete all pre-audit paperwork with the information we have on hand, and provide an estimated cost based on your annual payroll/sales data from your office



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